Nothing beats working on cars in a father-son team. I know because my youngest son and I worked on (now) my Fiat 850 many Saturdays since we bought it.

In Italy there also was such a team in the 1950s, Gino and Lucio De Sanctis. The family owned a Fiat dealership in Rome and when Junior wanted to race with a car of his own design, the step to their  own racing brand was quickly undertaken. Especially in 1959 they were the team to beat. This was mainly due to the advanced design of their cars. The De Sanctis brand existed until about 1970 when it had to give up due to financial problems. Until then, 29 cars were certified, although (as I described in another article) that could also be related to recertification of existing cars due to technical changes.

The beautiful copy below has been sold by Franco Lembo and has an 843cc engine that first passed through the Abarth workshops. With this car the new owner can participate in Formula 3 races for classic racing cars. Lucky person.....

Fiat 850 deSanctis Formula 3

Fiat 850 deSanctis Formula 3

850 deSanctis Formula 4

850 deSanctis Formula 5

All images in this article were originally published on Franco Lembo's site