A while ago I found this image on the internet and posted it on my site.

850 Abarth OT coupe (Circus)

It didn't take long for the Abarth fans to react and the question was: which one is this. If you want to find out, you have to do a bit of searching on the web and I found this:
It is an original Spanish registered Abarth. And as I know the license plate of this "roadside bomb" (B-700 693) I was able to do some more research.
At first it belonged to Manuel Juncosa who ended second in the Carrera Cuesta of 1968 (he was beaten by Juan Fernandez with a Porsche Carrera 6, nothing to be ashamed for).
The engine was later replaced by one of a Seat 1430 and the car was then sold. The new owner only wanted the car on the condition that the badly broken original engine was included.
During its restoration, the main problem was the possibility of finding the pistons. Theu succeeded and the dry sump seems to be on the engine too. And it's on the road again!

Original sources:

Pieldetoro and Tiempo de clasicos...

Manuel Juncosa worked on a lot of Fiat's