When was the last time you saw a factory invoice for an Abarth 1600OT? I suppose none of us ever saw one but today I found one on a classic car dealer's site in France. And what a site it is. The man, Franco Lembo, sells cars that are almost beyond belief. 

One of the most interesting cars he has for sale at the moment is an incredible original Abarth 1600 OT Tipo 102b factory development car. This one!

850 1600OT 1

850 1600OT 2

850 1600OT 5

850 1600OT 7

850 1600OT 8

850 1600OT b1

850 1600OT b0

850 1600OT d

850 1600OT e

850 1600OT c

And this is the invoice I promised: 820.000 Italian Lire

850 1600OT factuur

The list of experimental engines from 1974:

850 1600OT abarth

And the official proof of what this car was equipped with:

850 1600OT certificaat

All images in this article were originally published on Franco Lembo's site