After we had the engine running stably, there appeared to be a noise in it, somewhere near the timing cover. Good advice was needed. That is why the cross beam has been removed again and the pulley removed. The cause of the noise turned out to be the crankshaft pulley that ran against the timing cover (while eating the oil seal). How did that come about?

A lot has been adapted to the engine of the Fiat 850: first a standard block with centrifugal lubrication, then a 133 engine with and then without a Triger kit. After the Triger was finished, I had the choice for a timing cover: the original of the 133 with mounting for a petrol pump or one of an 850. We mounted the latter. The pulley that went on was also from the 850.

So, to get rid of this wear, I had to go back to the start: 133 engine, but with 850 timing cover and original crankshaft pulley. Then it turned out that the pulley was still touching.

The original solution, but not available on short term, was to install a rubber spacer, part number 4229021. So that took me another trip to Broos and they quickly machined a shim for me that had to be installed between the gear wheel and pulley. Below you can see the damaged pulley and the shim ring.

850 poelie beschadigd

With this solution, the engine runs smoothly and without annoying noise again. On to the next challenge.....