Today we made an inventory of what more sheetmetal we need to make this a real rescue-operation. One of the previous owners made a mess of it. Left front inner wing was smeared with mud that had once been neatly treated .....
Left rear wing is mediocre. The sill on the left suddenly looked a lot less without a decorative frame. On the other hand, the bottom appears to be good.

Also checked the brakes. I found one wheel brake cylinder too damp and I'll replace at least all brake hoses and clamps. Removed the interior. Bottom inside looks good, but there was once a short in the cable harness because the rubber floormat has melted. Also checking the wiring harness during the progress. Next week all chrome and lighting will be removed. Then asap to the sheet metal.

IMG 6233 IMG 6244

IMG 6249

 IMG 6222 IMG 6234