This is my Fiat 850. We picked it up on July 4, 2007. Was lied to rest in south-eastern part of the Netherlands. Our youngest son traded it for a Beetle with a "little work". The 850 would be made MOT ready as soon as possible and then the body would be next: rust spots at the windshield, the front and rear right wings. The roof like a washboard. Nothing very difficult. But the more we touched, the more work emerged. And with that work new ideas and the need for more parts. On this website you can not only follow the restoration and additional work, but also find all kinds of other information on the Fiat 850.

850-1 850-4

And from this
850 dak(13)  voorbewerking (5)

we arrived at this:
Primer 7  Gespoten 1

850 campagnolo 2

And we are not ready yet ....... Another project is in the works:
850 winterproject  

Engine block of an Autobianchi A112 Elite (965cc), modified cylinder head, oil cooler, crankcase and A112 oil pump collected in Amsterdam.

All bearings, the pistons (3rd oversize), the 296 ° camshaft, the valve cover and the gaskets (and a lot of stuff) have been ordered and in the meantime are in, ready to assemble.
The front suspension is from a Fiat 600. It was returned to the seller and there I picked up an electronic ignition.