Vanessa, a famous Dutch singer from the 80's. An entire generation of Dutch men grew up with a poster of her on their bedroom wall. A lot fewer men or boys had a poster of a Ghia Vanessa on the wall. And that is not entirely surprising because the Fiat 850 Ghia Vanessa, designed by Giugiaro, was introduced in 1966 as a real ladies' car.

Fiat 850 Ghia Vanessa 1966 Front

The technology from a Fiat 850 Idromatic was used, so it was a semi-automatic. Special to this design were the side windows that gave access to the sofa with integrated child seats. Ghia knew who they were targeting: people with a lot of money and interested in something exclusive. The body shape and the light purple interior were seldom seen in 1966.

Fiat 850 Ghia Vanessa 1966 Zijaanzicht

The car was perfectly finished and provided with some exorbitant ideas that, when looking back on them now, turn out not to be so very strange at all. Giugiaro ensured that this design was more about form than technique.
Fiat 850 Ghia Vanessa 1966 idee

Fiat 850 Ghia Vanessa 1966 voorstoel Fiat 850 Ghia Vanessa 1966 kinderstoel

The swiveling front seats (which was handy when wearing a mini skirt) had safety backs and there was a folding children's chair in the rear, accessible via a separate access (through a folding window on the side). Storage compartments were everywhere: luxuriously upholstered and suitable for everything the modern woman had with her at the time. The instruments disappeared and made way for colored lights, for the speedometer too. There also was a fire extinguisher that could also be used as a tire inflator.

Fiat 850 Ghia Vanessa 1966 instrumenten

French magazine "Spirou" mentioned the Vanessa in an article too:

Fiat 850 Ghia vanessa in Spirou

850 vanessa