Soon after the introduction of the Fiat 850, Zagato released the "Z" in 1964, a coupé with the technology of the 850. The body, with its angular lines, did not resemble earlier Zagato designs, which were often a bit more rounded. Four or five of this model were built; the odds that you'll see one yourself therefore are minimal, although one seems to have been for sale in Denmark for years.

Fiat 850 Zagato "Z" in Turijn 1964

Fiat 850 Zagato "Z" in Turijn 1964

Fiat 850 Zagato "Z" in Turijn 1964

Fiat 850 Zagato "Z" in de fabriek 1964
Still, a nice emblem up front

The Fiat 850 Zagato "Z" in Denmark was sold to a new owner in Greece and is being restaured:

Fiat 850 Zagato Z restauratie in Griekenland

Further research into these models shows that there is quite a bit of uncertainty about the number of cars that have been built. Contrary to the previous assumption of 4 or 5, the position now remains at a maximum of 3. The information below comes from the (incomplete) archives of Zagato and has been recorded by Marco Antonetto in the Italian car register

Z # 830 Fiat 850S Zagato 005622 March 3, 1965 (date in archive)
Z # 891 Fiat 850S Zagato 006486 This was on the stand of Zagato in October 1964 during the car exhibition in Turin,
Z #___ Fiat 850S Zagato 0116909 October 2610.65 (date in archive)

It is doubtful whether the last car ever actually built.

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