TriVette met Fiat 850 techniek

Just about every Italian coachbuilder and tuner has ventured to the Fiat 850. Outside of Italy little happened on the derivation front. But when an American starts work on an 850, it's bound to be very spectacular. Bob Keyes built the TriVette between 1974 and 1978. Not many, only 27 of which 25 with Fiat 850 technology (for the other two a VW Beetle was used as a donor). One of those 25 had an engine with a PBS cylinder head and two Weber 40 DCOEs. When this car was delivered, a top speed of well above 200 km / h was achieved.

The history:
This TriVette was designed in 1973 and was licensed as a motorcycle in California. Bob chose the technique of the 850 because, as this website says, it also had excellent fuel consumption in addition to reliable engines, which was useful at the time of the oil embargo of those days. Especially in a vehicle of just 500 kg. That weight was divided by an extremely strong tubular steel frame with a polyester body. Instruments, like rear suspension and front brake, came from scrapped 850s (the TriVette was only built when the 850 was already out of production). In addition to the first generation, there has also been a second, specially developed for the police as a pursuit vehicle. This is because the police Fords struggled to keep up with most speeding offenders. This is as crazy as it gets (and if you ask me, no standard size USA cop will fit in a TriVette).

One was recently sold for $ 18,000, so if you want one, save up.

Fiat 850 TriVette

Fiat 850 TriVette

Fiat 850 TriVette motor

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850 trivette
It only has 3 wheels, so it uses less petrol......