Francis Lombardi was one of the more prolific coachbuilders when it comes to the Fiat 850. 
In this example, he used a Fiat 850 Special to end up with this creation called "Monza".

Lombardi Monza CAR 1968

Lombardi 850 Monza achter Lombardi 850 Monza Detail wiel

He converted the 850 Special into a Coupe, the "Grand Prix" of which a Targa version was built too.

Lombardi 850 Special GrandPrix

Lombardi 850 Grand Prix Targa

Lombardi 850 Grand Prix Targa 2

The Coupe was also available with a tuned engine, including one from Giannini (with double overhead camshaft) and from Abarth, the famous 1300. Below the Scorpione with Abarth engine.

Lombardi Abarth Scorpione

Unfortunately, not everything Lombardi built was very exciting. The Lucciola, for example, and the Smart (below) were not really very handsome cars.

Lombardi 850 berlina 4drs

The first 4-door design.

Lombardi Lucciola 850 4drs

Lombardi 850 Smart

The Libellula can be called "a sweet car":

Lombardi Fiat 850 Libellula