Francis Lombardi too has already been my site, a that time with some scanned photos from Quattroruote. The images below were shown on the Ruoteclassiche site and they are quite worthwhile: The famous Scorpione, with the engine of a Fiat 124.

850 1300 Scorpione FL

HERE you can read an article on the Scorpione

The Fiat 850 Grand Prix Monza:
Fiat 850 grand prix monza FL

More of those were produced, as proven by this image:
De Fiat 850 Lombardi Grand Prix

The Fiat 850 Spider Monza
Fiat 850 spider monza FL

The Fiat 850 Berlina's too got some due attention aandacht:

The 2-deurs 850 Smart:
850 smart FL

The 850 Lucciola prototype:
850 lucciola proto FL

I'm happier with this, the final production model:
850 lucciola FL

And the beautiful Fiat 850 Libelulla:
850 libellula FL