Nothing photogenic this time. Spent the whole morning preparing for the next welding day. All sheet metal parts that we will need next time have been extensively brushed clean so that we do not lose time during welding. The window sills for the front and rear window, the inner wings at the front and some small stuff. The front spring has also been cleaned.

I still have doubts about how we will lower the front suspension. The intention is to get the car about 4 centimeters lower on the front. I can have a new leafspring made with the spring eyes reversed or I can replace the mounting plate with a U-profile.



I already know what to do about the rear springs. I cut off about one and a half turns there. With that I have that 4 centimeter lowering without much effort. Only I don't know yet whether I can fit 175/50 13" tires or whether it should be 165/65 13". Choices? Far too much for such a project. But that makes it fun.