Little or nothing has happened to the 850 since the end of October. The metal surgeon had other priorities and we can't do much without him at this stage. Well, for a while I had been thinking to have a lot of small parts blasted, but the relatively high costs of outsourcing this made me have a look at Marktplaats. Well below the cost of outsourcing I found a new blast cabinet. The choice is surprisingly large, but I held back. Add a bag of grit and then wait whether the delivery would be on time for the weekend.
On the last day of 2011 we started blasting. After a few minor modifications to the box (dust filter, adjustment of the hoses) we made good progress.

Nieuwe straalkast

The first set of parts we worked on were the front and rear brakes and the supports for the rear shock absorbers. The results?



We are now blasting parts of the front suspension and after that the metal doctor will hopefully be available again for the final actions to finish the body. When that's done we can have the entire car sandblasted.