Today, after a month of standstill, finally we worked on the car once again. At least, the metal surgeon. Yorn could not do much because of a bruised foot and me because of another appointment in between. After a short session in which we tried to fit the headlight edges, it was decided to do the roof first.

Next week we will be without an expert and we want to continue. So there had to be work available for that day. That is why a start has been made to drill off the roof sheetmetal of the 850 Special: tap raingutters, drill and loosen spot welds. Then drill out the mounting frame for the headliner and dispose of what remains as scrap iron. Curious about the large photos? Click on the images below.

Losboren Losgeboord

Ook hier roest Frames voor hemelbekleding

But the roof metal also has to go somewhere. Here:


So the saw had to be put in:

De zaag er in De zaag er in

De zaag er in De zaag er in

Next week, the excess rim will be drilled out of the 850 and then the roof from the deceased Special will be welded on.