What better thing to do on a rainy day than to have a roof over your head? Or get one! So that was today's task. There was some debate as to whether it wouldn't be better to glue back the roofing sheet. This results in a guaranteed watertight connection. But the metal doctor is a welder, not a gluesniffer, so it was going to be done the traditional way. It doesn't make much difference in terms of preparations. So everything had to be cleaned well and the edges of the old roof had to be removed. When that was done, the old roof was temporarily put back to mark the cutting edges and then the precision work could begin:

Voorbereidingen voor afborenThe sealant edge of the gutter is "rolled away" here. This is done with a small rubber disc.

AfborenEach and every spot weld must be drilled out without piercing the underlying plate

Pasmaken nieuw dakEverything has to be in place before you can put the saw in.

Pasmaken nieuw dak
En als je gaat zagen moet het vast zitten.

Pasmaken nieuw dak
Cutting out the interior sill

Pasmaken nieuw dak
Saw cutting through old and new roof sill

Dakrand in zinkspray
All parts that are exposed are sprayed with zinc spray. This is "weldable" so that everything remains protected even after welding.

Oplassen frame voor beugels van de hemel
Because we want to install a headlining later, the frames for it (from the Special) now have to be welded.

Oplassen frame voor beugels van de hemel
After all that work, the roof is in. Only welding is still needed.

Beugel voor hemel ingelast

The headlining frame on the left with the roof plate.

Next time we will weld and grind again. So we are finally getting closer to the end of the metalwork!