Lately things are progressing well! Today the top halves of the inner wings have been replaced. The inner screens that we had cut from the donor Special have now been neatly "sawn" into the rotten inner wings of our 850. Then they are welded, always small welds at a time to keep the metal from getting too hot. Result? Very tight.

Let's go back in time: the 850 was like this not so long ago:


Todays pictures:




Binnenscherm links

Once we got that far, of course, we had to test-fit:

Nieuwe hoop-1 Nieuwe hoop-2

The spare wheel well has also been repaired and the reinforcement bar for the hinges of the boot lid has been drilled out and cleaned.

Reservewielbak links verstevigingsbalk-2

Next the gearbox has been disassembled because it is moving elsewhere. To Geleen in the south of the Netherland where a revised other one is waiting for me.

Versnellingsbak-1 Versnellingsbak-2