We started this week's work with optimism but ended on a low note. The reason? The front right screen does not seem to fit properly.

But first the run-up: My metal surgeon started with finishing the sill on the left (had an strange dent and nobody knew where it came from...) and Yorn and I sawed the opening for the front radiator. Then we could get started with the front. To be able to dent the sill, a special piece has been welded on, after which it can be pulled with a multi-fingered hook and a chain. With that tool you pull everything in a nice straight line.

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As can be seen in previous photos, we started the construction of the front of the 850 with the right front wing. This wing was temporarily put in place with sheet metal screws so that we could fit and align the other parts. And with the sawn-out front ready, the fitting could begin! No lack of clamps.


After all that fitting and measuring, we appeared to have problems on the right side to get the headlight edge neatly into the screen. On the left, everything fit exactly. Strange sensation.


The cause is probably the shape of the wing. It is exactly right at the tip of the boot lid, but not on the outside; as if there is too little "meat" on it. We will examine that next time! Fortunately, I kept the old wings.