After the deconstruction (execution is such a nasty word) of the Special, we have worked hard. Every weekend we worked on the 850, not only on the body but also on the parts stock. The left rear inner wing is completely finished, including a new jack stand. The sill and the "A" -post on the left have also been finished. So we are approaching the front!

In preparation for this, I completely removed the old front and laid the loose sheet metal of the Special bare.


Another alternator emerged from the stock of parts. It has been completely disassembled and is going into overhaul. The dynamo housing has been cleaned and sanded and then painted. Everything sprayed neatly in matt silver gray, the pulley in a slightly dark color. In the meantime we have started sanding loose sheet metal and I found new frames for the vent windows on Marktplaats. Unfortunately, the lowered front spring was missed.

From the old front fenders I have kept usable parts and from the Special also the longitudinal beams. They will later go to Marktplaats.
Photos? Here and they speak for themselves.

An A112 Abarth has also sneaked in between. My brother Constant is building such a car and sometimes it requires a real workplace with good tools

a112 a112
a112 a112