2012 is over and unfortunately it was a year in which we did not do much. All kinds of causes, but in the end we did not make much progress. In addition, this site was hacked in November and I had to rebuild it, almost from scratch, to make sure all intrusions were gone. Anyway, 2012 in a nutshell. The "A"-posts are back in place and we made a start with the insertion of both front wings. This again required the necessary test fitting and measuring to ensure that these line up well with the doors, the front and the boot lid. Meticulous work, but we don't want to do it antoher way. Some hammering and beating still needs to be done here and there, but in the end everything fitted well and welding can be done.

Passen Passen

Lassen Gelast en geslepen

Gelast en klaar

Then nothing happens for a while but finally we have another sprint in December! There is another (in my opinion definitive) appointment with the blaster. He can blast the car with the separate parts during two weekends and ensures that we can pick up everything before Christmas. So we need to keep working. Scrape the old bitumen off the bottom and remove sealant wherever we can. This ensures a better result because the blaster doesn't have to stay in the same spot for too long. The non-original headlight edges are a source of misery: we have one NOS part and copy the dimensions to the imitation part, but that's not a success. Fortunately Martin Willems still has two pieces for an Autobiaanchi A112 and he guarantees that they will fit. When they arrive they turn out to be the same as the original one so we have to start from scratch. This means that the headlight edges are not yet in it when the car is blasted, but that's not a big deal. The blaster now can get the wings clean on the inside and the front  will be more accessible when the epoxy is sprayed on. We will weld in the edges after the first layer of epoxy. We remove the front and rear suspension and the rest of the small parts from the car and then the car goes on a rolling bed to keep it moveable and on December 15 the car leaves for the blaster.

Leeghalen Effe proberen (niet de echte!)

Klaar om te stralen

Of course we will take a look during the blasting. The roof appears to have 4 layers of paint, so it has to be stripped first. The same goes for the boot lid.


Unfortunately I can't pick up before Christmas because of the bad weather, but just before New Year's Eve I have a van where the 850 fits; then the weather doesn't matter that much anymore.


Back in the workshop it turned out that kilos of grit have been left in the car. So we vacuumed and blowed clean and then as soon as possible put the shell under plastic wrap to prevent greasy fingers from getting on it. Fortunately, there is help from my brother.



Let's hope 2013 will be a year with more action.