After an snowy adventure in the pitch dark, the 850 Special finally arrived in Breda just before Christmas. The car and its parts were in a shed in the middle of a meadows near Wijdewormer. The amount of snow on the path leading to it was humongous, so the cartrailer had to stay in the farmyard. And we had to push the Special through the snow to get back there.

The body was good where it needed to be good and rotten in places where ours was fortunately good. We will cut up the body in consultation with our metaldoctor.
What remains can be removed as sheet metal (rear fenders, inner / outer door sills and floor panels).
The amount of parts was greater than advertised. It was supposed to be 3 boxes, but the van we were traveling with was filled with parts over the entire surface up to a height of almost one and a half meters. That is why we were forced to leave things behind.

Not everything we took with us was usable because they came from scrapped bad cars, but there were still things that make me happy: an alternator, a compete set of disc brakes, window rubbers, a reasonable floor mat, headlining, expansion tank in new condition, lots of sheet metal, alloy wheels (Cromodora CD29's from a 128 Rally) and rear lights, lots of rear lights. Furthermore, windows, gaskets, water pumps, chrome frames, revision sets and bumpers. We will spend the coming weeks on further expanding the stock and then the photos will be published. Maybe there are also a few things going to auction sites, so keep an eye on those.

850 Special 850 Special 
850 Special 850 Special