After the frustration of last month (a few days of extra work to get everything to fit perfectly in the bodyshell) almost all Saturdays in January were spent finally getting the body ready for spraying. Lots of filling, sanding, filling again and sanding again and finally blocking out to get the perfect smoothness. On January 31, a final wet-on-wet coat was applied in preparation for the color coat.

After sanding the filler layer, a layer of black powder is rubbed on the car. After that layer has been sanded, hopefully no dark spots will remain; if it does, you have to fill and sand again.

Schuren-1 Schuren-4

To check that there are really no flaws, the sheet metal is wet with degreaser. The shine you see makes it easier to find the imperfections:

Schuren-2 Schuren-3

Nothing to see, so perfectly prepared for painting. All that sanding does create a lot of dust, by the way.

As the last action before the color is sprayed, the 850 first gets a wet-on-wet layer that will ensure that the paint "settles" better. We do that on Friday evening and let it air dry at low temperature. Not only the body but also all separate parts receive this treatment.

Spuiten-2 Spuiten-3

And then the time has finally come: we are going to spray on color! And as a bonus: Glasurit was one of Fiat's paint suppliers in the 1960s and 1970s.

Spuiten-1 Spuiten-5

Spuiten-6 Gespoten-1

Two layers of Basecoat and two layers of transparent lacquer have been applied. After a whole weekend of air-drying this 850 is finally ready to come home!