Finally we were able to continue working on the 850 again. Work has been done on the wheel arch and the rear of the inner sill on the right. A really mediocre pizza baker has been going on here!
Patch over patch and finished with tarmac and sealant. The metalsurgeon cut everything out, cleaned the edges and welded a new piece in the wheel arch. Once this is sanded, you hardly hardly be able to see it, even without paint. Here you can see what influence a professional, good tools and spending enough time have on quality.

In the meantime,  we have emptied the doors and cleaned all loose sheet metal parts with an industrial cleaner and steam cleaner. As it stands, everything looks OK, except for a hole on the back panel. Continued at the rear where we drilled out the reinforcement plate so that everything behind this can be cleaned and repaired. This reinforcement plate has been de-rusted and is ready to be welded back after a minor repair. But first we'll have to rebuild the rear of the inner sill.

3 Bad metal

Naked and afraid

Before after

Before After