It may seem nothing has happened to the 850 for a long time, but nothing could be further from the truth. Since the purchase of the rotissery, the entire underside has been made even cleaner than during the sandblasting. You can clearly see the difference before and after cleaning.

The last sheet metal work has also been done and, very important, the headlight edges are finally there. Typically a job that you dread for a long time, but when it is finally done it turns out to be better than expected. The "A" posts are tinned so that the seams are permanently closed

Koplamprand A-stijl

To reduce the sharp edges of the blasting, the car had to be completely sanded with 180 grit, but then it could happen!



Now we'll have to wait for the epoxy to cure (can take up to a week) and then we can start sanding. Before we can apply filler, the doors, bonnet and trunk lid have to be mounted to make sure that everything fits nicely. But first we'll spray on more epoxy again to permanently isolate everything from the outside world.