Last week we saw that there was a lot of rot hidden under the mudguard. So today we got started with the brush to expose the sheet metal. There it is again, the brutal brush:

Wurth plaatwerkborstel

It's dull work but oh so much satisfaction when it's done.
striptease (2)

striptease (3)

This is where the silly baker has been working! And you can't get to that properly when the mudguard is on.

Striptease (4)

Even where the silly baker had not worked, there was misery. Nice that I can now access it.

striptease (6)

striptease (7)

Worth the effort! I can only clean the rest after the suspension has been removed, but then I can no longer get the car on a ramp so I'll do that when all sheet metal is ready.

When clearing out the trunk, I found this on the inner fender:


Too bad that it disappears when refinishing. Maybe I can make a new sticker with the image.

Plan for next week? Inner rear right fender and bottom left front. We only do the right mudguard and the front panel when the left wing has been welded back in order to keep the front in shape.