After two Saturdays of fitting and welding the roof is on. Because the car had been without a roof for a number of weeks and it had been pushed back and forth a number of times, we first made sure that the doors fit neatly into the "window frames" again. For this the car had to be jacked up, after which two men gently pushed on the corners of the body. If the fit of the door was good, a number of welds were made. Then fit, push and weld again until the roof plate was tight enough to weld the rest. Then on to the other side for the same process.

Lasrobot aanhet werk

In the meantime, we used just about all the welding clamps that could be found in the workshop:

Heleboel lasklemmen

The welds on the window sills:


The welding robot has done its best! What do you do when you have nothing to do? You clean up! The engine compartment and interior are now completely empty, except for a few hoses. The wiring harness has been completely removed and the heaterhousing has also been put into storage.

Lasrobot aanhet werk

Lasrobot aanhet werk

Today we spent grinding the but welds around the perimeter of the roof. There are a lot of them but it is certainly worth it. It is not photogenic work so there are no pictures of it. We do have a few of the results:

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