TLC, Tender Loving Care, that was what we needed for the final stage of the prep. To my horror, when we mounted the doors and boot lid in the body, it turned out that not all seams were perfect and that the boot lid was a little too high in relation to the fender edges. Probably as an effect of the year in the rotissery, the body had started to sag a bit. Good advice was needed(as in: a few days extra work to get it straight again) but in the end it finally worked and the car is ready for the first real color: Azurro 491. Baby blue. What we have been doing lately:

  • All seams made as tight as possible: fill and sand again.
    voorbewerking-naden (1)

    voorbewerking-naden (2)
  • Body completely blackened and sanded again to find irregularities (pits, etc.). If there were any they were filled and sanded again.

  • Vehicle primed again.
    voorbewerking-naden (4)

  • Inside sanded for color and masked where necessary.
    voorbewerking-naden (5)

  • Everything in the spray booth this weekend. To be on the safe side, put the car on supports so that the underside could also be sprayed.
    voorbewerking-naden (6)

  • And then finally: color. Inside first.
    voorbewerking-spuiten (1) voorbewerking-spuiten (2) voorbewerking-spuiten (3)

  • After a short drying period the lift is lowered and the bottom is painted twice.
    voorbewerking-spuiten (3) voorbewerking-spuiten (6)

  • The engine compartment is now also blue and that looks good. Next time it is the body's turn!
    voorbewerking-spuiten (5)