There are days when everything falls into place. Today was such a day.

Started early with fitting the right front wing. Imitation, so that hardly fits. It was even necessary to cut the inner edge (on the "A" -post) all the way and knock it into shape. Once that was done, the screen went well, although there will still be a few things to be done to get the body lines beautiful.

pasmaken scherm

scherm gemonteerd-klein

While our metalsurgeon was working on this, it was decided that extra cooling would be installed in the front. There will eventually be a radiator fitted with a 12 volt cooling fan. The front panel gets an opening (still to be made) and to get rid of the hot air I made extra cooling holes at the back of the spare wheel well. In the photo above you can already see such a hole, but it looks like this from close up. There is of course also one on the right. Maybe I'll put hoses on it to prevent splash water from entering


Because I was working at the front, the metal doctor started with the frame of the rear window. It was very crunchy. After sawing and drilling the original bottom edge, it turned out that the inner frame had competely rotted away. Making a new inner frame is very difficult because of the profile.
However, we had the roof from the demolished Special. It still contained the upper inner frame and no water stays at the top, so no (well, little) rust. We therefore decided to drill out the top frame to see if we could use it.

Although it was slightly shorter than the lower frame, it turned out to be very usable, so we continued to work with that. After cleaning and welding the frame and spraying all loose parts with zinc paint, the outer panel could be bonded just before 12 o'clock. We will finisch the spotwelding next time.


A set of photo's can be viewed in this album

In the meantime, I also worked on the wild idea for the rearpanel. This could be roughly like this:

And the rest of the time? We were sanding metal like it has to be ready tomorrow.