Today we finally arrived at the front end. After some preparatory work on the right "A" -post and the galvanizing of the front sheet metal, it was finally possible to start fitting the fenders and the front panel.

puntlassen (1) puntlassen (2) puntlassen (3)

Here you can see how big a spot welding machine is compared to an 850. The amount of sparks here is too much. So we did a bit of a reset. On the right inner wing an original parts sticker was still there:


Before fitting the sheet metal, the entire front was first sprayed with zinc spray. That way I'll know for sure that there is protection between the parts and I will not have to search for parts again in a few years. The rest of the sheet metal will be dealt with after blasting: the metal will be covered in epoxy primer, so for the time being it will remain untreated.

zinked (1)

zinked (2)

And then finally the front is on the car (fitting only, welding is planned for next week)

aangezicht (1)

And with a door in place, it starts to look a car again.

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