Last week we tried to start the engine but that wasn't much of a success. We had both spark and fuel so one would think it could start. Compression test done (2 times) and that didn't seem right. Compression test ticket will be posted here soon. The reason was not clear and with a built-in engine with an endoscope looking inside is a bit difficult with an 850. We were planning to make the engine and the engine compartment beautiful again, so immediately decided to disassemble everything under the hood. Because we were busy anyway, Yorn was explained how to set valves.

Today the engine has been taken out. Everything neatly disassembled and labeled and a collection of photos made so that Yorn can assemble everything again based on the photos. After a few hours of relaxed tinkering, the block was out. Next week the endoscope from my work will be used to see what is going on internally.

This week we also ordered some brake parts and serviceparst from Martin Willems. As always fast delivery. Still trying to buy a front suspension of a Coup√© so that we can install disc brakes. Short report is available here