Last Saturday I worked on the block together with Yorn. First dismantled and cleaned the centrifugal filter. It contained about a full coffee cup of sludge. It seems that such a filter is often forgotten. We will at least add an external filter (on the side of the block there is a mounting option: see the photos in an earlier article) so that the oil remains in good condition. The necessary parts are already in stock.

Then disassembled the timing cover of the old block after which we were confronted with this:


This has had its day, even links are defective. Fortunately, the new block contains a new distribution set.
The rest of the block didn't look much better, although the crankshaft still looks neat.

Here the old and the new intestines:

Het oude blok 

When we wanted to reassemble the centrifugal filter, it turned out to be impossible to tighten the central nut (on the crankshaft) without "fixing" the pulley. The nut has a short edge that sits in the oil seal against the head of the crankshaft. Unfortunately, the rim was too short and did not touch so that the rear of the pulley was against the timing cover. Result: a crankshaft that could no longer be rotated.

Fortunately my father had a longer nut lying around but I can only install it later.

While I was busy cleaning loose parts, Yorn degreased, dented and sanded the crankcase after which it was neatly repainted. First filling primer and then chassis paint.


The Marbella cylinder head has been checked for flatness and is very tight. The old rocker shaft fits well so I will use it again after cleaning and reassembly.
In the meantime I am looking for a nice carburettor, something in the order of 32 or 34 mm.

For the time being we still have plenty of work to finish the new block neatly. As mit is, little will be done to the bodywork because unfortunately for us our sheet metal worker has bought a damaged car himself and is therefore unavailable until mid-January.