Because the sheet metal worker is not yet available, we started working on the engine again. Today's intention was degreasing, sanding, masking and spraying dark gray. Then mount the crankshaft pulley with the new nut. Finally, I would mount the extra oil filter. For this I have found a reducer nipple from original stock. Also ordered an oil filter so that should be easy ..

The first plan worked, the second failed. The nut that came from my father's secret stash turned out to have too long a shank so as soon as it was tightened the washer remained loose. The solution is to have it shortened by a few millimeters, but that again means some delay in progress.

Plan 3 already ended with the oil filter supplier. The nipple had too small a thread so the filter will never fit. Tried all kinds of filters in his warehouse but no success. A new nipple is also running late for this because I want that filter on it.

The results of plan 1:

Na schoonmaken en schuren Na schoonmaken en schuren

Gespoten Kon het niet laten

Soon the head goes to the overhaul company and hopefully the sheet metal worker will have time again soon!