That's what is said in Belgium when things go horribly wrong. Today the engine was to be prepared for installation. And that's where it stopped.
Turning the crankshaft, there appears to be a tight spot somewhere. At first glance, I had no explanation for it, so I decided to remove the cylinder head, to see a bit more. The problem occurs when the pistons are at (roughly) the same position.
I bought the engine from the estate of an overhauling workshop whose owner had died. Engine looked perfect on the inside. Camshaft and oil pump appear to be new. That is why I am confident that it was not overhauled cheaply and that the assembly of the rest of the parts is also to be trusted.
Still, I don't want to install the engine like this and will take it to an overhaul company in the area shortly. Hopefully they have a quick fix, otherwise I'll have to overhaul my spare engine.