Block 1 is almost ready to build. But thinking ahead, and also using the experiences of the technicians on the (now extinct) forum of, I felt more in favor of subjecting block 2 to further research. Is it an alternative to block 1?

Block 2, bougt a long time ago, is a Seat 133 block (100GL) of 843cc. Such a block has a normal oil filter and better oil flow than block 1. If I want to install the Triger-timing belt kit that I still have lying around, I cannot do that on block 1 because the centrifugal lubrication will then be canceled. Time for disassembly and inspection. Before doing that, IU first checked that everything turned freely. It did and very smoothly too.

blok 1

blok 2

De krukas en de lagers zien er goed uit, vrijwel geen zichtbare slijtage; twee zuigerveren zijn gebroken en hebben ondiepe groeven in de cilinderwand gesleten. De zuigers zitten vol kool maar aan de kop is dan weer niets te zien. Wel blijken de koelkanalen nogal vol met ketelsteen te zitten.

blok 5

The block was sent to Broos, a local revision company, for cleaning and technical advice.