Block 2 has stayed at the machine shop, Revisiebedrijf Broos, for a few weeks and has been through quite a bit there. The intention was to drill 0.6mm over, machine the flywheel, balance the crankshaft and flywheel and install larger pistons and piston rings. After that I would rebuild it myself. That was the plan, but unfortunately it turned out not to be that easy.
After cleaning and drilling I got a call: two pistons had been installed and they did not get where they should be: at the top of the block. Block 1 inspected and the block height compared with block 2. Being a Seat block, there was quite a difference, almost 5 mm. Here's what that looked like:
Fiat 850 motorblok
How did we fix this? Of course with a lot of measuring. With that we arrived at the following solution: the oversized pistons would be transferred to connecting rods that I still had; these were 2.5 mm longer than the ones first used. All other dimensions being the same, I could use the new bearings. After that everything was built up and measured again; we were still just under 2.5 mm short. The decision to machine the engine block and polisch it afterwards was an easy one. Naturally thought about the consequences of head bolts, pushrods and ignition shaft length. Would all of that still fit? But doubt is for wimps, so on to the milling machine with this block. Last week I picked up the whole assembly and I have to say: they have done a great job!

Fiat 850 motorblok nog vet

Today I started with the build-up: degrease, spray wash primer, spray primer and then a nice layer of dark gray.

Fiat 850 motorblok in washprimer

Fiat 850 motorblok in Speedprimer

Fiat 850 motorblok grijs gespoten

The cam followers (nicely polished) installed, the camshaft and the oil pump installed. I had a new pump, only the pressure relief valve was transferred. Then started the next fun job of the day: assembling the Triger kit
Fiat 850 motorblok met nieuwe Triger set

Fitting this kit was simple (the manual in Spanish was more difficult) and completed within half an hour. One problem: the original crankshaft pulley of block 2 does not fit because it touches against the bolt of the camshaft gear. And I do not have a suitable crankshaft pulley in my stock.

Today's final score: block finished, Triger kit installed, oilsump mounted, head placed, complete with rocker shaft and the ignition is put in. Everything fit perfectly, we have not found problems with the 2.5 mm milled off the block. There are still some minor work on the head and the carburettor. The gearbox is waiting to be assembled and then everything can be put back in the Fiat 850.

Fiat 850 motorblok met nieuwe Triger set