Just before Christmas, the modified engine and cylinder head for my project were ready at the machining company. Because I have no workbench and no light in the garage where my Fiat 850 project is located, it seemed sensible to assemble the engine in my small workshop at home. So also moved all necessary parts from my stock there and it is now nice and full.

The block was sprayed in primer and then I started building it up; I do the "intestines" first and then the superstructures. The crankshaft and connecting rod bearings had already been checked for size by the machineshop, so installation started easy, although the correct alignment of the front camshaft bearing was a bit more difficult than expected. After an hour everything was correctly in its place, including the 296° camshaft purchased from Abarth-online.

850 lagers 2

850 mockup 2 850 mockup 1

850 mockup 4 850 mockup 4a 850 mockup 5

850 mockup 6

At the workshop, the cam followers were ground and the crankshaft / flywheel combination was balanced (after the flywheel had been machined to reduce the weight). The flywheel now weighs 4435 grams, compared to 5100 grams for the standard flywheel. Maybe too conservative with turning, but it still is old cast iron.

850 vliegwiel

The cylinder head has been thoroughly overhauled: new (larger) valves and seats, inlet and outlet channels made larger and of course the surface was milled, just to be sure. The valves are 1.5 mm larger than standard, which results in a 10 to 15% greater flow. This is also quite conservative, but the seats are now very close to the edge of the combustion chamber; one has to be satisfied at one stage.

850 cilinderkop klaar

850 kleppen

The oil-pump was also purchased from Abarth-Online; and is driven by a shaft that is slightly longer than standard:
850 pompas

The next step is to see I will do to the front of the engine: Timing chain or Triger belt set ..... Both I have in stock, but what is the best decision? Various opinions on various forums. Who can help?

850 mockup 7