Just back from Belgium where we picked up the block. Has been shelved for years at an overhaul company in Maastricht. The photos I collected from kapaza.be do not do it justice! It looks beautiful.
When the owner of the overhaul company died, the current owner bought it (along with many other parts). He couldn't use it because he's only interested in vintage motorcycles.

Almost everything is new about this block:

  1. Drilled and new pistons (65.58mm) and springs (yields 15 cc)
  2. Crankshaft ground and new bearings
  3. Seals and gaskets.
  4. Oil pump and camshaft look new and I will check the timing chain tomorrow.

All parts were nicely oiled so everything was rustfree and spotless. The crankshaft can be turned by hand. So my weekend was a complete success. Today we also had a few hours of sheet metal work. The right inner sill is now almost ready. Photos will follow later