For the new engine for the Fiat 850 I bought a nice valve cover from Abarth Online in Germany. Because there were problems with the production, I did get the valve cover but not the accompanying bracket for the throttle mechanism. And it's still unavailable 6 months after purchase.

850 kleppendeksel plaat

This is one of the reasons the engine was kept in my workshop. While waiting I tried everywhere to get such a bracket, but they turn out to be extremely rare. Making my own seemed to be the best solution.

In my search I came across several examples, but it was only since mid-July that I had a clear picture of what it should be. I bought a piece of aluminum 80mm wide and 3mm thick through a local supplier. Strong yet fairly easy to shape. From an old valve cover I took the bracket and from that the guide for the throttle cable.

Fiat 850 plaat voor gasmechanisme

From there I kept myself busy measuring, drawing, sawing, drilling and filing. The pivot shaft for the mechanism was an 8mm stud from which one piece of thread was sawn off. The groove for the circlip was made with the stud in the drill press and holding a new saw blade against it (not really very safe....). And while it took me half a year to figure out, it was ready in a few hours.

Fiat 850 plaat voor gasmechanisme

Fiat 850 plaat voor gasmechanisme gemonteerd

Fiat 850 plaat voor gasmechanisme met gasstang

The Weber DCD carburetor now knows how much fuel to deliver. I'll finish it off later with the correct spring for the 0 position and then I am one step further towards putting this engine in the 850.