A party? Then the metal doctor isn't available. But because there is always something to do  started in good spirits with the modification of the leaf spring of the front suspension. The intention is to lower the car by about 4 centimeters. Enough for exciting looks, but that way there is also some comfort left. There are two options:
1) you take the crossbar apart, but then the vibration damping also disappears, so the fillings in your teeth fall out/
2) you saw the eyes of the transverse leaf spring and you weld them back on upside down.
Now I know my welding qualities and they are not good enough so that is outsourced. But grinding just works. This looks dangerous but because of the sharpening angle I am not hit by debris!


The bottom eye shows the original position, the top one the new position.
Slijpen klaar

Result is to be like this (this one belongs to an Abarth 850TC)


When the leaf spring comes back from the welder next week, I will have the welds checked before I rebuild the spring package. Safety first!

Update: even though the inspection showed no flaws in the weld I since bought a proper leafspring with reversed eyes.