Although one wouldn't believe it while visiting this site, but something is still happening to our 850! After weeks of doubting (and working on) rear disc brakes, we decided to install drum brakes. For the disc brakes, I would use parts from a 124 Special: the caliper holders and the front anchor plates and the rear calipers. Everything was prepared but unfortunately I could not come up with a good solution for the load-dependent brake regulator. The rod between the two sides would pass through the flywheel housing and there is already a flywheel. So back to drum brakes. Because I had not taken this into account, all parts had to be blasted and sprayed and, which was less convenient, we had to invest in parts again. Fortunately not much but still. The purchase of lowered shock absorbers and rear springs is a lot more expensive.

Fiat 850 schokbrekers achter Fiat 850 schokbrekers achter gemonteerd Fiat 850 schokbrekers voor

The rear wishbones are now mounted, the brake lines are on and the lowered shock absorbers and rear springs have been installed. Everything was sprayed at the front and built into the newly made Faza spring mount. The parts are not tightened yet because maybe later the cooling tubes have to be installed underneath and I don't want to pry everything out again. The revised steering knuckles with disc brakes are installed, also with lowered shock absorbers and so the car sits about 4 cm's lower. The pedal block has been rebuilt after blasting and spraying, the items in the tunnel are getting installed and we have mounted the gearbox and the rubber around the clutch housing. I bought the rubber in Padua at Cicognani. Lots of rubbers for a lot of Italian cars.

Rubber afdichting transmissie Fiat 850