While waiting for the overhaul company to finish the engine of the 850, the new leaf spring from Abarth-Online / Scuderia Topolino arrived today. Deliverd within 3 days from Germany, quite fast. This is the one:
850 bladveer

After two previous experiments that did not give the desired result, I finally bought a lowering spring with the eyes reversed.

As a reminder:

  1. Experiment 1:
    Short shock absorbers,
    Standard "A"-arms,
    in combination with this adapter (the red "A"-arm is not the standard part!):
    Fiat 850 verlagingsadapter

  2. Experiment 2:
    Short shock absorbers,
    Standard "A"-arms,
    in combination with these adapters:
    Fiat 850 verlagingsadapter Verlagingsadapter Fiat 850
    I was basically satisfied with this setup, but the "stance" of the 850 was not good yet: the front is still too high in relation to the rear (there are lowered coil springs and short shock absorbers there).
    850 verlaagd experiment 2
    What I have now built is the new lowering spring with the setup of Experiment 2. And that had to be done on the floor of my garage because I don't have a lift.
  3. The Faza mounting plate with the old leaf spring must be removed and the stabilizer bar must be disassembled. Then the old leaf spring has to be taken off the Faza mounting plate and the new one can be installed.
    Not difficult, but it is not pleasant to work on a cold floor.
    Oud en nieuw
    Old en new.
    850 verlaagd b
    New with Faza mounting plate
    850 verlaagd e
    View from below
    850 verlaagd f
    The lowering blocks from Abarth-Online / Scuderia Topolino. They are installed on the threaded end of the "A"-arm; then the triangle is mounted on the blocks. Lowers it all by ± 2 cm.
    850 verlaagd 2
    And outside into the cold for a photo opportunity. Car looks better now, front is  almost as low as the rear.