Trees need to be pruned from time to time to keep them healthy. The 850's wiring harness isn't pretty enough to be put back like this when we have the bodywork ready. This thing is dirty and curls together in misery. And the worst part is that I don't know if all cables are still 100%. What I do know is that it contains all kinds of Scotch-blocks with cables that I don't know where they are from and that there was once a short in one part that melted the insulation. Time for a sub-project. The purchase of the 850 Special left me with two wiring harnesses. I am going to disassemble one completely, clean it and check it wire by wire. Using the cable harness of our own 850 as an example, I will build a completely "new" one.

After a few hours, this misery is reduced to this, an amount of loose wires, still dirty, full of undercoating, paint and glue residue.

The connectors have been disassembled and are soaking in a cleaning solution; they will soon be completely new after a treatment in an ultrasonic cleaner.