Since the 850 has returned home, little new has been added to this site. And that is not because nothing happened, but because many different jobs have been done: selecting parts from storage, cleaning, fitting, measuring and (often) providing a new layer of paint.

 Werkplaats-2 Abarth-grille

  • All cavities have been rustproofed twice, as well as the insides of the front and rear fenders and the roof edges.
  • Because the 850 is intended to get cooling in the front, tubes have to be installed. And to determine how they should be routed, the leaf spring and stabilizer bar have been placed. The leaf spring is mounted on a custom "U" profile (as supplied by Faza). Should result in a reduction of 4 cm.

dwarsbalk-1 dwarsbalk-2

  • Steering box (has been overhauled) and auxiliary steering box (new) have been installed. When the cooling tubes are installed, the rest of the steering follows.
  • The wiring harness is installed. The old one was taken apart, every cable checked and replaced where necessary, and reassembled. All rewound with Wurth cable tape (that stuff works brilliantly). Because I made the wiring loom of an 850, I of course still miss cables for some extra stuff: for the alternator, the tachometer and the oil pressure gauge, among other things. They are placed in separate "looms" so that I can keep them apart.


  • Naturally, some wires are still needing to be added. But only when everything is built in and tested.
    The pedal box, steering column + housing of the ignition lock, handbrake and both covers of the tunnel have been stripped and repainted so that we can finish the interior in one go.

afdek-tunnel-1 afdek-tunnel-2

  • As of today I have access to an ultrasonic cleaner that we only use for fasteners, springs and rubbers for the time being. The carburettor will follow later.