After the preparatory work on the panels, today's job was covering them in new vinyl. At first we did not want to cover them with a foam layer on both sides, but after some trying it seemed that the result would be a bit better. First started with measuring and cutting:
Our son Yorn, who is trained as an upholsterer was in charge of the job. First an adventure with glue. It's a basic technique for an upholsterer but still exciting (literally) to get the fabric nicely around the edges. Fortunately, the advice I received from the sullier, Tony de Bruijn, about the selection of the material was absolutely right; slightly more expensive but very easy to process. The result of an evening of cutting and pasting: a set for the right side ready. At least, we still have to make the holes for all the hardware that will be screwed on the door.


Hardware .... That includes the handles. They seem to have been dug out of a pig's pool, but with a generous rinsing with soft soap and a lot of elbow grease they now look presentable again: