Part of the work that never got done was picked up during the past week: starter motor and alternator had to be taken care of. Well, not exactly boring work, but because it all looked rather dirty and corroded (and because I had plenty of other things to do) I kept putting it off. Until now. Part of the pinion housing had broken off from the original starter motor; fortunately two others in stock.
First job: take it apart and clean all parts. Rather necessary.

startmotor 1


startmotor c



startmotor 3

Fortunately, it is a CCW one! A lot of fiddling with getting the bendix and clevis in place (including the rubber that resides between the stator housing and the bendix housing)

I probably want to exchange the generator for an alternator. So that's the next assignment. I had one that I once bought in a shed in the North. And it had been lying rotting in a box for years:

dynamo 1

dynamo 2


I was able to take the alternator apart carefully (with a lot of effort). All of it looks bad, I need a diode panel, a set of bearings and various other parts. Maybe it's easier to buy another one somewhere? Not as much fun as doing it myself, but faster and probably a lot cheaper.