An important job was to build up the doors and put in the rear panels. The old chrome trim, rubbers and trim panels were rather mediocre, to put it positively. New window frames have been mounted, the vent windows have been overhauled. Everything has now been installed. An item on the upholstery of the panels was published before.


We decided not to make door-bags and not to build in ashtrays. Not original but in our opinion not functional either. A little more information about the placement of the moldings because the first door took us quite some time to do it properly. After that, the second door was ready in no time.

The correct sequence is:

  • Cut the moldings to size and remove them again
  • Put glass in the door and do not attach it to the cable
  • Put the window guiding rubber loose in the door
  • Place clips for decorative frame (9 pieces per frame)
  • Clamp decorative moldings in place
  • Slide Window in guide rubber, keeping it in the lowest position
  • Install vent window and screw tight
  • Clamp the window guide rubber between the trim strips
  • Turn window upwards
  • Place the lower guide under the vent window and fix it
  • Adjust the window mechanism.