I needed a lot of parts when overhauling the alternator. Searching on Marktplaats and Ebay did not yield any results, so I looked for companies in the area. Who knows, there might still be a combination of know-how and well-stocked parts racks.

So I took a day off and started the quest. The first hit came immediately. And it was someone who knew what a Fiat 850 was. A very nice professional. I also needed parts for the starter and he immediately pulled them out of the rack, even without a parts book.

Some parts needed some searching, but they were also found quickly at a supplier. I immediately ordered the parts I needed. Then the technician made the service-oriented comment of the day: "My brother is at the supplier anyway, I'll have everything delivered here right away. You can wait if you want". So he called his brother, who was already on the way home but was sent back. In the meantime, I also bought new bearings and as a service the anchor was neatly cleaned in the lathe.


While waiting we had a good conversation but unfortunately the diode panel turned out not to be the right one; tomorrow they were geing to make a new attempt. They did and got everything and I didn't have to pay anything for the job done so far yet; "do that when you come and get the diode panel". Note: I had never seen the good man in my life! The moral of the story: "What you get from afar is nice, but sometimes you have better luck nearby". UPDATE: The diode panel was no longer available. To ease the grief, the old one was tested for free; It turned out to be 100%, so the housing was sprayed and built up again.