Yesterday and today I got to do some small but important things. Started disassembling some parts from engine 1 that need to be in engine 2 as soon as it is bored out. Pistons, camshaft, cam followers and front camshaft bearing. This morning I delivered everything to the workshop, including the cylinder head in which an extra oil channel will be milled. Flywheel is skimmed and crankshaft/flywheel combination is balanced. The block should be ready for assembly sometime halfway through next week. Fingers crossed.

Also, the front emblem on the Fiat 850 was mounted. A lot of fitting and measuring in advance and despite the fact that it seemed to follow the line of the front panel correctly, I checked again first and gave it a little extra curve. Then cleaned everything with Acrysol (the front panel too) and put the double-sided tape on it. Sticks like mad and the result is impressive.

voorbereiding grille Fiat 850

grille Fiat 850

Naturally, the red Fiat-Abarth panel for the inside of the grille and the extra cooler-grille still have to be mounted.