The position of the front wheels of the Fiat 850 did not suit me at all after mounting the lowering blocks. Negative camber created a negative feeling. That, combined with the fact that the effective lowering was just an inch, made me decide to correct that. Started early this morning because there was more on my to-do list. For the umpteenth time the front suspension was disassembled and the blocks mounted in between. Now, I was happy with the result: a decent camber and the toe-in. As expected, the stance was not improved, but I can live with that for the time being. After some driving it will certainly get a bit lower.

When the wheels were off I also had room to finish the wiring of the front indicators. A small item in the category "I'll do this sometine" but of course that never happens. And I also bought a brand new voltage regulator from Gertjoe. Can I install that as well?


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