Lately, I've seen frequent requests for roof linings for Fiat 850s, both on Facebook and in the old forum on my site. Usually this involves pimping up the 850 Berlina, which had a fairly simple sheet of damping material stuck to the roof. The intention is to use a real headlining, like in the Fiat 850 Special. Seems simple but it really requires a donor car if you want to do it nicely and correct.
I too had such a cheap sheet of cardboard over my head, but I was very lucky that I found an 850 Special as a donor car in the north of Holland. All hardware was included and I could drill out the rails from the roof.

850 rail hemelbekleding vast

Here my metal surgeon just drilled the roof panel off the frame. The rails are then carefully drilled off and prepared for welding back into the Berlina. At that time there was no roof panel on it so we were able to reach everything.

850 rail hemelbekleding

The separate rails, which still need some TLC before they can go back.

You need the following items for the entire project:

  • A headlining or a sample to make one. The odds that you'll find a new one are very limited and for a used one you have to disassemble an 850 Special.
  • To be able to mount everything, the separated rails (4178470 and 4178471 or 4161554 and 4161555, new not to be found). These are welded above the "B"-pillar. See the drawing:
    850 hemel 2
  • The 3 steel bars that run from left to right through the tunnels of the headlining and click into the rails.
    They are not in the parts book for the 850 Special. So no numbers are known either.
  • 4 cover panelss for the "A" and the "C"- pillars:
    850 hemel 3
    They are covered with beige vinyl as standard, so if you have / make a beige headliner, you're done. I have a black headliner, so I had some extra work.

More photo's from the project:

Hemelbekleding Fiat 850 Sierplaat Fiat 850

Sierplaat SIerplaten

Sierplaat Sierplaat

Fiat 850 hemel geplakt

Everything mounted but has to be retensioned to get it nice.

In all reality, it is not an easy job that you do on a saturday morning. Especially finding a donor car with the uphostery intact, removing and welding back the rails and making a headlining myself was only possible with luck, a good metal worker and the help of my wife and my son Yorn.