I already mentioned that the lack of new articles does not mean that nothing is happening on the project. We now spend most of our time on detail work: preparing small parts for assembly and looking for things we think we need. The fair in Padua always is a fixed event in the year and although I found a lot of small stuff there, I still miss quite some parts. No worries. As so often, the failed search simply ends in repairing parts that we cannot find anywhere. So that's what's going to be done again.

And because winter is coming and we can no longer work with the workshop doors open, we have tidied up the workshop, put the parts together for each part of the project and redesigned the work schedule for the coming period. What are we doing?

  • Build vent windows and, together with door windows, fit them in + fit new moldings
  • Door panels and rear side panels make ± new hardboard, new skai and cover the inside with vapor and moisture-proof foil
  • The wiring harness: a never ending piece of frustration. There is not one scheme that completely covers the installation so fit and measure until it works.


I bought this Weber 28 / 36DCD 23 via Dutch auction site "Marktplaats". I think it's a carburettor that should give the 850 a nice dose of extra spice. This will be an extra project for the winter.